Amber receives SMARTCymru funding to research and develop new Net Zero app

March 21, 2022

Amber has benefited from financial support from the Welsh Government’s SMARTCymru programme, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

This funding will support Amber as it starts to research and develop an app which will help buildings to reach Net Zero. The app will be designed for people responsible for the carbon footprint of their buildings; specifically, it will help users to:


  • build and manage a carbon-reduction plan
  • record key results, setting key performance indicators relating to carbon emissions
  • enrich the data by overlaying it with wider data from open sources


Sameer Rahmann, the Business Improvement and Data Director at Amber, said: “At Amber, we all want to make the world a much greener place; our mission as a business, after all, is to fix utilities, save the planet, and make people happy. By proactively providing users with the right behavioural triggers, through the app, we hope it will benefit the environment and support them on their carbon-reduction and Net Zero journeys."