Celebrating Pride Month 2021

July 5, 2021

In June, we were busy celebrating Pride Month.

In the build up, we assembled a Pride working group consisting of awesome volunteers from across the business who are passionate about celebrating diversity.

The group planned a range of events and managed to pull off the perfect balance of education, awareness and, of course, celebration.

It was so important to find this balance when mapping these events because as much as we loved decorating the office in LGBT+ flags, we recognise that there is so much more to Pride than rainbows and blasting some Cher.

So, how did we celebrate?

Wall of Knowledge

Each week, the lovely Caroline and Ieuan would update the office chalk wall (now referred to as ‘Ieuan’s Wall of Knowledge’) with a fact or definition related to LGBT+ issues which would then be shared with the wider company on Teams.

“The library is open”

Our very own Charlotte and Ana were our book club queens, creating an awesome library of resources, including articles, podcasts, films and books.

We also launched a Pride book club and picked a fantastic book titled ‘We Have Always Been Here: A Queer Muslim Memoir’ to read.

Trans 101

A highlight of Pride Month was meeting the lovely and very funny Michelle Snow during our ‘Trans 101’ lunch and learn session. Michelle is a journalist, stand-up comedian and co-host of a podcast called 'What the Trans!?'.

For those of you who aren’t aware, ‘What the Trans!?’ is a weekly podcast which looks at relevant news developments and discusses topics such as mental health, racism, media representation and many more.

The session provided a safe space for the team to listen to Michelle and learn about trans issues, as well as providing the opportunity for people to ask questions they’d perhaps never had the opportunity to ask before. 

Our pledge

During Pride 2020, we asked the team to put forward suggestions for a pledge that we could commit to in order to better support the LGBT+ community and our employees.

Back then, we voted to roll out unconscious bias training for all hiring managers – which we did successfully.

We asked the same question again this year, so our Pride 2021 pledge is to explore the option of becoming a Stonewall Champion.

This was also a suggestion from Michelle during our ‘Trans 101’ session.

Getting quizzical

For the last day of Pride Month, we had a small socially distanced get-together in our office bar.

It was a great night of quizzing, pizza and Prosecco – and yes, we blasted some Cher!

The future

One of our key cultural values is ‘relentlessly inclusive’.

We believe that diversity is a powerful tool. But to foster diversity, we must be inclusive.

For us, being ‘relentlessly inclusive’ means that our team feel comfortable to bring their whole self to work without fear of judgement.

It is hard for people to fulfil their full potential when they feel weighed down by having to hide behind a mask.

Now that Pride Month is over, we will continue the conversation all year round and keep striving to do more to create a safe and inclusive environment for our team to thrive in.

Written by Talent & Recruitment Manager, Bethan Griffiths