Why COP26 matters

Apri 12, 2021

With a new wave of green sentiment from the public pressing investors and governments, the Coronavirus recovery could be a more environmentally-conscious one – and there will be no greater opportunity this year to unite world leaders on the most pressing issue of our time than the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, otherwise known as COP26.

The main aim of COP26 is to radically improve net zero commitments as swiftly as possible: changing energy systems, transitioning transportation and accelerating the green transformation of the financial system.

Historically speaking, these events have seen massive increases in support for new, innovative methods to fight climate change efficiently and economically.

The UK currently holds the Presidency of the G7, and, together with Italy in the Presidency Partnership, will be hosting the COP26 in Glasgow. This is to be a carbon-neutral conference with a focus on the reversal of biodiversity loss, such as what is happening in the world’s oceans and Amazon rainforest to reduce natural carbon sinks.

197 nations and territories are expected to be in attendance.

Over 10,000 people volunteered for the 1,000 places available to support the most significant climate meeting in half a decade.

As such a large event, numerous preparatory events are scheduled to take place between now and then, including the traditional meeting held roughly a month prior called Pre-COP and the United Nations Youth Climate Summit.

The youth summit will be an opportunity for young people to present proposals which could go on to be discussed at both the Pre-COP and official event.

The Pre-COP will be held between 30 September and 2 October as a means to test the political waters on proposals.

Written by Trading Administrator, Maxim Flynn