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3 key take-aways from ‘Building for Tomorrow, Today’

Commissioned by Amber and ASK4, ‘Building for Tomorrow, Today’ launched at the Class of 2020 in 2019, much to the excitement of everyone interested in the PBSA sector.

With many operators increasingly wary of how expensive it can be to build for sustainability, the report explored the cost of not preparing for tomorrow right now.

Here were our three key take-aways…


Building for the future

If operators in PBSA sector aren’t braced for increasingly ambitious and disruptive climate change legislation, then they’re likely to pay a high price. That’s why, when coming up with concepts for a new build, it’s crucial to remember that 80% of its operational costs and environmental impact will be determined at the design phase. So, plan carefully.

Catering for Generation Z

Sustainability is king when the future of your entire market belongs to Generation Z. The report estimates that 72% of Gen Zers are prepared to spend more money on goods and services that have been produced sustainably. Unlike their Millennial counterparts, they feel a much stronger sense of obligation to make the world a better, greener place. This sense of commitment makes a sizeable impact on which products they purchase and where they choose to live.

Measuring student sustainability

Smart meters are proven educational tools which can be used to motivate students and modify their consumption. One study, cited in the report, found that devices that provide students with information about energy consumption help to reduce usage. The same study also showed that further reductions were achieved when students could compare their usage with others.

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