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Amber celebrates B Corp anniversary

Last year, we became one of the first energy consultancies in the UK to reach Certified B Corporation status – an achievement which highlighted our dedication to our people and the planet.

One year on, Amber’s People Director, Ryan Cullen, has been answering a few questions about our journey so far and our goals for 2022.

Why did becoming a B Corp mean so much?

Put simply, it was a real statement of intent; it was a genuine signal of where our priorities as a business lie.

But we haven’t allowed that original certification to get to our heads. We’re taking steps to improve our impact score, and we’ve set up a B Team which is responsible for driving improvement in areas relating to community, workers, customers, governance, and the environment.

They’re also in charge of making sure that everyone in the company is brought along on the journey of progress.

Who is driving our B Corp mission?

At Amber, we’ve got a perfect intersection of employees wanting to get involved in what we’re doing – from senior members of the board to recent graduates starting out in their careers.

What has been your highlights of our first year?

This has to be our boardroom activation session. That was so important as it showed that, as a company, we are ready to acknowledge that there are things that aren’t as good as they can be. We know there is room for improvement, and everyone is passionate in supporting the collective effort to getting us to where we need to be.

What is our current goal?

In our initial assessment, we had an action plan about how we can achieve an impact score of over 100. That remains the goal.

What do we need to do going into 2022?

We need to remember that some of our initiatives will fail, which is absolutely expected. However, those which will succeed will lead to small-but-significant improvements in our organisation.

In a year from now, I’m confident that we will feel that our purpose has been really embedded into the business – not because we keep talking about the certification, but because, every day, our employees feel there is a genuine drive to make a difference.

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