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Event Recap: Amber sponsors industry-leading food manufacturing event 

We sent our specialists from all areas of the businesses to represent Amber at Food Manufacture’s Business Leaders’ Forum. It was a fantastic opportunity for Amber’s representatives, Paddy O’Clery (Business Development Director), Sophie Mullins (Product Lead), Amaad Ahmed (Lead Net Zero Consultant), and Josh Tomlinson (Procurement, Risk and Supply Director) to speak on a panel and provide insights into ESG and energy-related questions for the food manufacturing industry.

This blog serves as an overview into the useful insights Amber’s representatives gained from the event, and to inform those who are yet to enter the world of food manufacturing.

Education insights and better grounding for new and existing clients

The Business Leaders’ Forum created a fantastic opportunity for us to gain an insight into the industry and to highlight the opportunities Amber might have to create a positive impact in the industry in the future. The conversations generated within the forum, particularly those focused on ESG and energy security, will better help us improve our service to our current client base as well as offerings to those currently inquiring.

Top 3 event highlights

Food and consumers, the obvious disconnection: There was an interesting discussion about how lack of clarity and messaging can lead food consumers to be misinformed about the products they regularly consume.

ESG is still a key influence and driving force: The lack of standardisation and consistency within the industry related to accreditations makes keeping up with essential ESG policy difficult, but still essential for industry compliance.

A shift in perspective: The industry has been moving away from complex globalised supply chains. Manufacturers and retailers alike view localisation as a strategic supply focus, as consumers and businesses focus more on accessing their food from a closer location. 

Paddy’s key takeaway from the event:

Great to be part of the conversation and to have a deeper understanding of the myriad of issues and opportunities the food manufacturing industry faces. What we know for sure is the more we share and understand, the more problems we can all solve and the more sustainable, secure and successful we can make the food sector.

Paddy O’Clery, Business Development Director

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