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Event recap: UK REiiF

We sent Relationship Director Tim Stevens and Business Development Director Ian Keen to attend the UK’s Real Estate Investment & Infrastructure Forum (UK REiiF), the largest real estate investment event in the UK. UK REiiF brought together members of local and senior government, businesses, and key individuals for a three-day event with 40+ stages and 800+ key speakers.

The event was a fantastic opportunity to stay updated with news and emerging initiatives in real estate and infrastructure. Most importantly, UK REiiF connects the right people to accelerate meaningful change, creating opportunities to connect with potential investors and unlock sustainable development prospects within the industry.

UK REiiF event highlight

Key event highlights:

Sustainability awareness: There was an exceptional focus on sustainability awareness and the need for industry professionals to collaborate and pioneer new ideas.

Change within the property world: With significant changes happening in the property sector, events like UK REiiF are crucial for providing a hub where businesses and key influencers can connect. Without such opportunities, necessary changes are unlikely to occur.

Optimism for the future: The event atmosphere was filled with meaningful optimism about upcoming opportunities and ways to encourage younger generations to access improved housing.

Tim’s key takeaway from the event:

There couldn’t be a more effective property industry event to attend. It was an amazing few day, and I look forward to next year.

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