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Introducing the WRU Energy Scheme

In collaboration with the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) and Total Gas & Power, Amber has helped to launch the WRU Energy Scheme.

The scheme is designed to support clubs across Wales, providing benefits such as automatic credit approval, meter upgrades, monthly bill validation and fixed pricing to all those involved.

Want to know more? Our Strategic Partnerships Development Manager, Huw Mitchell, has been answering a few questions about the scheme.

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What is the WRU Energy Scheme?

Two of the biggest challenges rugby clubs face is managing both the cost of utilities and the time involved in the process of managing suppliers. So, in conjunction with Amber and Total Gas & Power, the WRU launched the WRU Energy Scheme. Its aim is to bring all the WRU clubs together and work with trusted partners to ensure clubs are never overcharged or subject to hidden fees.

When did it start?

The first round of the WRU Energy Scheme took place in November 2020. While the idea for the scheme originally came from clubs raising utilities as one of their biggest challenges prior to COVID-19, the impact of the measures implemented to restrict the spread of the virus has only increased the need for such a scheme.

Have any clubs joined?

Yes, the first round of clubs was a small test group made up from the regional working groups. We completed the first round in November and the majority of clubs who requested pricing joined the scheme.

Will they get cheaper bills?

We hope so. It depends on their current deal and how the market has changed since their last contract was placed. What can be guaranteed though, through joining the WRU Energy Scheme, is that clubs will be offered a completely fair price – with none of the hidden costs that can be added by some energy brokers.

As well as that, the real value of the WRU Energy Scheme is in all the additional benefits and support provided by the amber team.

How can a club get involved?

Clubs can email us and register to be involved in the next round of the WRU Energy Scheme. Whether they join or not is entirely a decision for the clubs to make, but the aforementioned advantages provide a very good reason to give their club the option to find out more.

Steve Phillips, CEO of the WRU, said:

“The WRU Energy Scheme is the culmination of a lot of hard work between our partners Amber, Total Gas & Power and the team at the WRU.

The scheme comes at a very important time for the community clubs of Wales where there is uncertainty over the rising utility costs and the ability to obtain credit approval. 

We thank our partners amber energy for their continued support and look forward to building on what has been a strong start to the partnership and WRU Energy Scheme.”

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