SME Energy Procurement

The turbulent nature of the recent energy markets led to the fixed price cost of energy being too much for many UK businesses. Our SME Energy Procurement service groups several businesses into one renewable basket, enabling them to benefit from flexible trading strategies.

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The benefits of SME Energy Procurement

SME Energy Procurement allows each member of the basket to transition away from the ‘one and done’ approach, to one which sees them purchase energy all year round – capitalising on market opportunities as and when they arise. This video explains the service and the benefits of joining our basket.

Who can join the framework?

The SME Energy Procurement framework is open to all businesses who consume a maximum 3 GWh of electricity or gas.


energy spend

We currently manage £2.5bn+ worth of energy spend for our clients

27 out of 268

are in our SME framework

With a total usage of 63 GWh per annum

What can SME Energy Procurement achieve?

Through spreading the risk of energy purchasing over time, SME Energy Procurement has been able to support multiple businesses.

Over a two-year spell in our basket, one of the largest sports brands in the UK saved over £1m on their electricity and gas spends.

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Our services

We’re transforming the way businesses engage with energy. Our Energy Management and Net Zero services are supporting businesses to save time, money, and carbon.

Energy is one of the biggest operational costs for businesses. Amber’s Energy Management service works holistically to help you cut cost, consumption, and carbon.

Energy Management Services

Businesses must comply with a variety of energy legislations to avoid financial penalties and reputational risk.

Energy Compliance

We work with businesses to reduce their carbon output and create a robust Net Zero strategy. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do for businesses.

Carbon Consulting

We work with businesses to provide them with truly renewable sources for their energy via exclusive access to Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Power Purchase Agreements

With the increase in energy costs and the turbulent nature of the energy markets, making sure you are paying for your exact consumption and identifying mistakes in your bills is essential to setting and meeting budgets.

Energy Bill Validation

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