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Supporting businesses to strategically cut costs, reduce consumption, and remove carbon.

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Need support with your SECR compliance?

We support hundreds of organisations with their Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting obligations, helping them identify areas to cut costs and become more sustainable.

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About Amber

As one of the first B Corp certified consultancies in our industry, Amber has an innovative and planet-first approach to energy management which is recognised across our industry.

We know how to keep our clients’ energy costs low and carbon footprints small – creating bespoke services which help them to achieve their operational objectives.

Amber has pioneered genuine fee transparency in the sector, being catalysts for fixed fees over p/KWh uplifts.

Energy Management Services

Residential and Commercial meters under management


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Why Amber?

This video from our CEO & Founder, Nick Proctor, explains why so many businesses are choosing Amber as their energy partner.

Our services

We’re transforming the way businesses engage with energy. Our Energy Management and Net Zero service are supporting businesses to save time, money, and carbon.

Energy is one of the biggest operational costs for businesses. Amber’s Energy Management service works holistically to help you cut cost, consumption, and carbon.

Energy Management

Businesses must comply with a variety of energy legislations to avoid financial penalties and reputational risk.



Energy Compliance

We work with businesses to reduce their carbon output and create a robust Net Zero strategy. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do for businesses.

Net Zero Strategy

We work with businesses to provide them with truly renewable sources for their energy via exclusive access to Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Power Purchase Agreements

Our SME Energy Procurement service allows us to group several different businesses into one ‘basket’, unlocking their ability to benefit from flexible purchasing strategies.

Business Energy Procurement


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