Net Zero Consultancy

We work with businesses to reduce their carbon output and create a robust Net Zero strategy. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do for businesses.

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The benefits of a Net Zero partnership

A Net Zero partnership will lead to the creation of multiple exciting opportunities for your business. Hear more about how our experience and expertise can benefit your business.

Our purpose

In 2020, we became a certified B Corporation – one of the first energy consultancies in the UK to do so.

This means we are legally committed to prioritising our responsibility to the environment and society. This is reflected throughout Amber; from the services we provide to the partners we work with.

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What we do

Our Net Zero consultancy service includes:

Supporting and building a strategy each year

Scoping, managing and delivering projects

Providing exclusive access to suppliers

Enabling access to exclusive, renewable PPA opportunities

Other services

At Amber, we offer a range of services that will support and improve your business’s energy strategy.

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Carbon Consulting

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, and we take a commercial and brand-centric approach to the work we undertake with businesses.

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Carbon Reduction Roadmaps

The Carbon Reduction Roadmap isn’t just a guide, it’s a dynamic pathway to your target date

Case study

Warwickshire County Cricket Club’s Go Green Game in partnership with Amber

In 2023, Amber were a key partner for Warwickshire’s England v New Zealand T20 Go Green game.

Amber supported the club in the following key areas in preparation for the game:

  • Calculated the baseline carbon emissions for a match day
  • Securing of non-biomass, clean renewable energy for the duration of the match and for the month of September
  • Highlighting the need to switch to electric green keeping equipment
  • Highlighting blinds spots for the club to ensure they captured their emissions in their entirety

Our services

Our industry reputation has helped us to develop a supplier network which provides unique product offerings for our clients – especially those who are serious about accelerating their Net Zero ambitions. You may be interested in some of our Net Zero services.

We work with businesses to provide them with truly renewable sources for their energy via exclusive access to Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). With PPAs, your company can benefit from steady and predictable costs while improving your carbon footprint.

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Using realistic implementation timeframes, we can create a roadmap to Net Zero for your business. We can additionally support in the selection of a challenging but realistic emissions target.

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The SECR carbon reporting framework is intended to encourage the implementation of energy efficiency measures. Amber can provide SECR guidance and support your business to become compliant.

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No matter where you are on your sustainability journey, we have the expertise you need to achieve Net Zero within your set timeline.