Resident Billing

Since 2018, we have been providing a bespoke utilities service created for the BTR sector. Residential landlords used to struggling to work out the carbon footprint of their buildings and needed a more efficient way of reducing their emissions and reporting their ESG data. Our service, which provides multiple utilities on one bill, is the answer.

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Landlord benefits

Purchase and manage the energy centrally on a single contract framework, using a sub-billing arrangement that drives your building and its users to Net Zero.

  • Utilise a single supplier environment to achieve competitiveness
  • Utilise the smoothing of individual profiles to improve load shape
  • Utilise individual submetering to understand use in each room and responsibly support the journey to Net Zero
  • Utilise a partner to deliver the management of the billing and customer service
  • Utilise a single contract environment to remove complexity

Over 16,000 apartments across the UK are serviced by our Resident Billing service.

Resident benefits

We buy the utilities for all the apartments in our clients’ buildings. By purchasing in bulk, utilising our supplier relationships and our buying power in the market, we can secure better prices and simplify utilities for both the resident and landlord.

We fix utility costs ever year to make sure residents aren’t exposed to sudden price hikes. That means no more trawling through comparison sites or having to change suppliers for residents yourselves.

We can secure better prices for your residents using our strong supplier relationships and buying power.

To make sure we stay competitive on cost, we benchmark our prices against the most robust domestic suppliers in the market.

Get in touch to discover if our Resident Billing service is right for your Build to Rent portfolio.