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Event Recap: Celebrating Progress and Potential

Our Product Lead, Sophie Mullins, represented Amber at the South East Wales Business Climate Coalition’s Net Zero Action Business Event this week, which we thoroughly enjoyed. We’re over the moon to have Sophie represent us as one of the key speakers at this event, presenting Amber’s B Corp journey to local businesses.

Amber’s B Corp presentation

Sophie explained how Amber’s B Corp journey has developed and we’ve developed as a business since we first became certified as a B Corporation. Our achievements as an organisation over the years can be seen in our policies as well as the support we show our clients, all contributing to the positive impact we have on people, planet, and profit. This shone through in Sophie’s presentation and sparked interest, generating conversation from audience members throughout the event.

Top 3 event highlights:

    Embracing local impact: The event at Newport Market strongly focused on community support and local empowerment. This venue was an amazing space to host an event where local businesses could come together to support each other and create new networks.

    Igniting B Corp conversations: Sophie’s presentation was a huge success and caught the interest of many people in the audience. Attendees were intrigued by Amber’s journey and policies, prompting many to pledge to explore the B Corp certification or engage in volunteering opportunities.

    Leading the environmental charge: The event shone a spotlight on Wales’ leading role in shaping the UK’s environmental agenda. Through collaborative discussions and inspiring anecdotes, participants gleaned insights into the transformative initiatives spearheaded by Welsh businesses and individuals.

    Sophie’s key takeaway from the event:

    As a Cardiff-based B Corporation, it was a great opportunity to talk about our journey and meet other local businesses generating impact across the UK.”

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