Our not-for-profit foundation, Power2Africa, supports organisations to deliver renewable energy projects for educational causes in rural Africa. Amber supports partners with both funding and our energy expertise to make a difference to the lives of communities who are hindered by lack of power.

How it works

We identify projects where the provision of renewable energy infrastructure can improve lives and educational and healthcare outcomes.​

Power2Africa is entirely non-profit and does not take any income from donations. Its operations are supported by Amber.​ Every project is checked for best practice design, with reliable local delivery partners used to ensure funds are invested well.​

Our achievements so far

In October 2017, Power2Africa’s first project got the green light, a £50,000 project to install a solar-powered shower block for school pupils at Turasha Boarding School in Kenya.

Raised £55,000 to fund a renewable energy project at a school in Kiminini, Kenya. Previously, high electricity costs and blackouts for up to a week hindered their education. 400 children now have access to the school via the project.

This project helped to provide an off-grid community with a source of electricity and access to the internet through a solar-powered and biogas mini-grid. In turn, this provides the locals with access to educational, entertainment, and commercial assets that they previously wouldn’t have had available to them.

How can Amber clients get involved?

P2A is a great way to supercharge your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme through a powerful and life-changing cause, delivering clean energy to remote areas of Africa. As a business, all you need to do is choose the projects you want to fund. We’ll take care of the rest, keeping you updated every step of the way. Watch our Commercial Director, Andrew Walker, explain more here:

Upcoming projects

This initiative would allow a pair of schools with over 500 students to have access to clean drinking water. The design would allow for the wider community of 2,000 people to utilise the borehole.

Tharua School provides amazing care for a community of students with additional needs. They need accommodation to provide further care, and this needs to be safe and hygienic. A simple modern dormitory will allow around 50 young people to have a safe environment to learn and develop.

Enabling students in Kenya to access ICT training to prepare them for the future working world. Without reliable electricity supply and without adequate internet provision, these resources are currently limited.​ This project would benefit over 2,000 students from local schools to have regular access to reliable equipment. ​

If you’d like to find out more information on these projects or Power2Africa more generally, please get in touch.