Energy Bill Validation

With the increase in energy costs and the turbulent nature of the energy markets, making sure you are paying for your exact consumption and identifying mistakes in your bills is essential to setting and meeting budgets.

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Energy Bill Validation explained

Here’s our breakdown of the four key areas of this service, alongside an explanation of why Energy Bill Validation would compliment any business’s energy strategy.

What does our Bill Validation Service include?

Bill validation & dispute resolution

Identifies and resolves billing errors to ensure you’re only paying what you have used.

Forecast development

Providing meter-level forecasted cost and consumption values set to your financial periods.

Cost and consumption reporting

Reporting highlights variances between forecast and invoiced cost and consumption.

Annual Supply Capacity checks

Identifying in collaboration with your business where changes can be made and savings realised.


saving in DUoS charges for a high street retail brand


recovered credit for a property client from one bill


was the total cost avoided for one of our Bill Validation clients in a month alone

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