Energy Waste Monitoring

Identifying areas of energy wastage can reap both monetary and sustainable rewards. As part of our service, energy wastage monitoring can lead to the validation of energy reduction projects and support sites in real time to flag energy overuse.

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Our service includes:

Opportunity to eliminate energy/carbon waste

Creating digital alerts to identify any energy overuse

Validating any energy reduction projects

Verifying any consumption reduction measures taken

How we do it

Our Energy Waste Monitoring team will pinpoint energy wastage and help you to find the right service to mitigate any future costs.

We will automate alerts for building or facility managers when energy is overused to help reduce costs. We’ll support your business to avoid energy wastage by setting up prompts via email when energy consumption falls outside of expected profiles. We’ll also establish early notifications when consumption has fallen outside of ‘normal’ parameters.

A dedicated analyst will analyse your data and set energy performance indicators for your site(s). We will then work with you to set alerts for over-use by exception to ensure energy use doesn’t spiral out of control. Understanding and interpreting the data requires energy expertise. Our trained engineers will investigate the exceptions created, and work with your site to reduce energy wastage where possible

Where energy use is over budget for a site and/or an energy related problem occurs, our engineers will support in resolving the problem remotely.

Our performance reporting will take into consideration energy consumption, production and the trustworthiness of asset performance. By creating an accurate baseline of your usage, we will be able to paint a precise picture of your performance, which will enable better and more informed decision making.

Case study

The below stats demonstrate the value of including energy wastage monitoring as part of your energy management strategy. The below financial implications are the results of  identifying energy consumption anomalies at one of our clients’ sites.



Incident Cost


Monthly Cost Avoided


Annual Cost Avoided

Is your business looking at ways to reduce or monitor its energy usage? The experts in our data analytics team can discuss your requirements and demonstrate how we can support your business’s needs.