Carbon Reduction Roadmaps

The Carbon Reduction Roadmap isn’t just a guide, it’s a dynamic pathway to your target date. Our team of carbon consultants are geared up to explore your portfolio to uncover opportunities that will fuel a personalised action plan, driving real change with the pace and intensity needed to meet the UK’s carbon reporting requirements.

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What does Carbon Reduction Roadmaps include?

Our service provides a report detailing steps to your Net Zero target, allowing you to meet carbon reporting requirements in the UK. This will include specific bespoke actions on a short, medium, and long-term basis for:

Energy efficiency

Degasification and fleet electrification

Renewable strategy

Impacts of external forces (e.g. the grid)

We also produce an engagement document to be presented to internal and external stakeholders to summarise key outcomes and actions. We facilitate a workshop to act as a catalyst to start the journey to Net Zero.

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Why it’s important

A roadmap should be a highly usable document that is updated annually to reframe your journey based on internal progress and external pressures.

From measuring your baseline emissions to achieving Net Zero, we will simulate and map out each step to make tangible changes to ensure your business thrives in a Net Zero society.

Why Amber is different

While other consultant reports are used to tick a box and then end up in a drawer, ours will not.

We work closely with your key personnel to ensure this collaborative document and vision is created with a mix of our expert industry knowledge and your understanding of your business. We want to create real change within your business and our carbon reduction consultancy service will forge this path with you.

Benefits of a roadmap

A roadmap will also provide not only the visual journey but also intricate insights into annual investment and change requirements.

We understand that creating real change and an meaningful impact cannot be achieved by outsourcing. While we are experts in the Net Zero field, we know you are an expert in your company. By working together, we can combine forces to drive your business to thrive in a Net Zero future.

Our products are meant to be used. Businesses regularly receive reports from consultants that sit in a drawer, gathering dust; this is not that. We break down steps in to bite-size, achievable chucks which can be put to a board or leadership team for sign off to drive real change at a pace.

Net Zero is a fast changing space with an ever expanding reach. We will build out scope year on year to report, with increasing accuracy, your emission impact while also reviewing progress year on year. This takes in to account an array of business factors to ensure your carbon intensity is reported in line with your business development.

Our interactive workshops are designed to not only educate but strategise to ensure our mutually-created pathway is accurate, realistic, and achievable. These high-energy sessions seek barriers and create pathways to navigate around or break through them – propelling your business towards Net Zero.

Our experts conduct in-person, detailed surveys to really understand your estate to identify real and actionable measures to reduce energy, carbon, and cost. When delivered in conjunction with our other services, they produce practical steps to achieving Net Zero from solar panels, LED lighting, employee engagement schemes, and much more.

If your business requires a clear, tangible pathway to Net Zero, book a call with one of our consultants to see if our Carbon Reduction Roadmaps will work for you.