GHG Reporting

Our team of specialist GHG consultants are geared up to explore your estate to uncover opportunities, driving real change with the pace and intensity needed to meet the UK’s Net Zero GHG emissions requirements.

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What is included?

Our GHG consultancy service provides a report detailing steps to your target, and allows you to meet GHG emissions requirements in the UK. This will include bespoke actions for

  • Energy efficiency

  • Degasification

  • Fleet electrification

  • Renewable strategy

  • Impacts of external forces (e.g. grid intensity)

We also produce an engagement document which can be presented to both internal and external stakeholders to summarise key outcomes and actions. We facilitate a workshop to catalyse the start of the journey to Net Zero GHG emissions.

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Why GHG reporting is important?

GHG Reporting should be a highly usable document to reframe your Net Zero journey based on internal progress and external pressures. From measuring your baseline emissions to achieving Net Zero, we will simulate and map out each step to make tangible changes to ensure your business thrives in a Net Zero society.

Why is Amber different?

We have all received consultant reports which end up in a drawer. This is not us.

We work closely with your key personnel to ensure this collaborative document and vision is created with our expert industry knowledge mixed with the understanding of your business. We want to create real change within your business, and our GHG consultants will forge this path with you.

Other Net Zero services

Our industry reputation has helped us to develop a supplier network which provides unique product offerings for our clients.

We work with businesses to provide them with truly renewable sources for their energy via exclusive access to corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Power Purchase Agreements

Using realistic implementation timeframes, we can create a roadmap to Net Zero for your business. We can additionally support in the selection of a challenging but realistic emissions target.

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting

The SECR carbon reporting framework is intended to encourage the implementation of energy efficiency measures. Amber can provide SECR guidance and support your business to become compliant.

SECR Reporting

We will provide technical advice on energy efficiency measures and the environment, through hard engineering and softer people-related actions.

Net Zero Strategy

Book a call with one of our consultants to see if GHG Reporting is required for your business.