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We work with SMEs to set near-term science-based targets, supporting Scope 1 and 2 analyses as well as assistance with the target validation application. We aim to support businesses on their road to Net Zero regardless of their size.

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SBTi Requirements for SMEs

SMEs can now use the exclusive streamlined target validation route to submit their science-based targets. This is to make the requirements for targeting more appropriate and manageable for smaller enterprises.

How we support our SME clients

The 3 step journey begins once we know your businesses meet the criteria for streamlined target setting with the SBTi.

We meet to discuss and outline the approach to your collaboration with Amber, give you details on how we work and the project timeline. So, you know what to expect once you begin your journey with us.

Once we have the necessary Scope 1 and 2 emission sources, we can breakdown the information and calculate your emissions. This will provide a clear picture of how business activities create which type of associated emissions.

At this stage we will collate a tailored report help you through the SBTi target validation application. This report is designed to make things easy, with specific responses broken down by question.

We also offer optional additional support for those businesses seeking the maximum impact. 

We can help you navigate your science-based target initiative with ease

Climate Leadership

Using the SBTi, SMEs can demonstrate their leadership in the fight against climate change.

Appeal to Investors

Setting accountable targets gives potential investors confidence in businesses approach to carbon reduction.

Risk Management

By aligning with the SBTi, SME’s can proactively manage climate related risks to the business.

Cost Saving

Reducing emissions often leads to energy efficiency and long-term cost savings.

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