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Josh’s journey at Amber…

This week we’ll be shining the spotlight on one of our long-standing team members, Josh Daniels.

Josh joined our team in July 2019, as Business Development Executive, where he built on his sales experience for six months before being promoted to Growth Account Manager in January 2020 and to Business Development Manager in October 2021. After three years at Amber, in October 2022, Josh took the opportunity to grow his sales knowledge and career in another field by moving to a similar business specialising in Electric Vehicles. However, Josh was very much missed here at Amber and rejoined the team as our Senior Relationship Manager in September 2023 after a year away. Since then Josh has progressed to Relationship Director in our Relationship Management Team, where he works to look after several of our high-profile existing clients.

We sat down with Josh to discuss his time at Amber and here’s what he had to say…

Can you give us an overview of your experience prior to joining Amber?

‘I was in the energy industry for 7 years prior to joining Amber, and took on a multitude of different roles. I started as a collections advisor, then became a Commercial Account Manager on the supplier side, where I would work with companies similar to Amber. However since being at Amber it’s been interesting to see things from the consultancy perspective.’

What made you come back to Amber after your time away?

‘I’ve always loved the culture at Amber, and I really missed my colleagues and being able to visit our office throughout the week. I love the social side of things here and the type of working environment that Amber offers.”

What is unique about Amber that you haven’t seen in your previous roles?

‘I feel like I’ve always been able to be myself at Amber, I don’t need to act in a really corporate manner. I can just be my true self and am accepted for who I am. I think that’s something really unique at Amber that I’ve always liked.’

What’s different about your second time around at Amber?

‘The company has really grown in terms of numbers of employees. The clients are higher profile and I’m looking after more strategic accounts. I’ve always been in New Business while I’ve been at Amber but now I look after existing accounts so it’s the first time I’ve been in this area and it’s really exciting.’

What has changed about Amber in the time you’ve been here and how has the company progressed?

‘Well when I joined Amber there were only about 50 employees and now we’re heading towards 200 so the company has certainly scaled up in my time here. Obviously this means a big cultural and logistical shift however I still feel like Amber has always stayed true to it’s values. They’ve always been consistent in being open and transparent however our services have really expanded in the last few years. The structure of the teams has really changed too, however I can honestly say I equally enjoy being part of the team now as when I first joined.’

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