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Power2Africa installs Computer Lab in Malawi School


We’re delighted to announce that Euthini Secondary School in Malawi has received a fully funded computer lab thanks to Power2Africa and the Turing Trust.

As part of this year’s funded projects, Power2Africa’s members chose to use their credits to help benefit the students and local community of Euthini, Malawi.

This £3k project provided the school with computers, projectors, network and maintenance plans, as well as intensive training for the computer lab teacher. Our aim was to deliver a sustainable, technological future for Euthini Secondary School that can benefit generations of students to come.

By reusing and refurbishing ICT from the UK, this project has made a significant environmental impact. This circular economy approach to ICT has offset 6 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is the equivalent of planting 15 trees. At the same time the embodied energy savings created are enough to power a home in the UK for a whole year!



Making a difference

Nick Proctor, CEO of Amber, set up Power2Africa to make a very real difference to the lives of communities in rural Africa. The provision of utilities is just the start of this.

The real benefit comes from the accessibility that is provided by power. It enables the provision of computer labs, educational centres, improved health care, better food storage and much, much more.

The Euthini Secondary School is just one of several that we’re hoping to complete this year, along with the lighting project at Lucy Education centre.

Funded through savings

The main idea of Power2Africa was to use the savings generated from business energy reduction to help provide power to those who need it most. The corporate membership fee covers the cost of operations, while the purchasing of credits allows us to spend 100% of the amount within Africa – utilising local tradespeople and suppliers to provide a boost to the local economy.

The members of Power2Africa who made this project possible were:

  • Amber
  • Contract Natural Gas
  • Empiric Plc
  • Lochrin Quay
  • Total Gas & Power

The impact so far

In just two years we’ve already made a very big impact.

Every day, 700 kids can take warm showers at Turasha Boarding School, Nairobi thanks to a project we partnered with CNG on.

More than 560 students now have access to computers and educational facilities at Euthini Secondary School.

We’ve installed lighting and electricity at Lucy Education Centre, Korogocho Slum to provide more than 100 students with a better environment to learn in.

Our Cyber Café has become an official school and community learning centre, with more than 200 people a day going through the doors and helping many locals get into university or find work.

We’re two years in and we’re already helping nearly 2,000 people a day.


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