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Energy glossary: Key energy terms explained

In the world of energy management, understanding specialised terms and acronyms is essential to understanding the context of the UK’s energy landscape. This is why we have created a comprehensive glossary of key energy terms relevant to the UK market: Agreed capacity Agreed capacity refers to the contracted capacity of gas or electricity that a […]

Amber listed among top 200 businesses in South Wales by Grant Thornton LLP

UK REiiF event highlight

Event recap: UK REiiF

Remote worker on video call.

Amber’s top energy-saving tips for remote workers

Your pocket guide to SECR

ESOS: What are the benefits for business compliance?


4 tips to avoid common Net Zero pitfalls in the corporate world

Andrew Walker is Amber’s Commercial Director. He works closely with our clients to put their Net Zero pledges into practice. Drawing on his experience and expertise, he has a written a quick ‘how-to’ piece on avoiding the major pitfalls in the corporate sustainability space. Net Zero isn’t something that you just put a project team […]


What are Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions?

For the purposes of estimating a business’ emissions, they come in three grades: Scope 1, 2 and 3. This is a widely-used format devised by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. But what exactly are Scopes 1, 2 and 3?


Net zero is climbing up the corporate agenda

We’ve been taking a closer look at what operational net zero means and how major energy users can set about achieving it.


5 opportunities helping UK businesses get to net zero

For B Corp Month, E Co. and amber energy have teamed up to share just some of the funding options and schemes available to UK businesses.


Why businesses are striving for sustainability

Research suggests that businesses have been growing increasingly climate-conscious over recent years. But, why the sudden desire to go green?


We believe in making a difference

Our founder and CEO, Nick Proctor, explains why we have become one of the first energy consultancies in the UK to achieve B Corp status.

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